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Welcome to Guilin!
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The amusement in Guilin

Travel in Guilin, Besides viewing the beautiful scenery like the draw, can indulge in material comfort in life heartily to enjoy, have a taste of the infinite enjoyment of modern amusement.
Guilin is the national outstanding tourist city, in recent years, with the development of tourist industry, the entertainment industry is more developed, recreational facilities are becoming better and approaching perfection day by day too. There are a lot of places of entertainment of Guilin, a lot of domestic and famous places of entertainment have already been garrisoned in Guilin, no matter bar, singing-hall, guide, or the golf course, fitness halls, outdoor bathing places add the color much for Guilin, let visitor who come and from north and south after visiting picturesque mountains and rivers scene can kind relaxed body and mind. In addition, it is the place of entertainment with local characteristics of Guilin to face two local conditions and customs gardens of Lijiang River of Jiangkou on the river way, can dance with Yao, Dong, Zhuang, Miao clansman there, have a taste of the culture of all ethnic minorities.
Bungee jumping and rock-climbing are two kinds of new developing outdoor activities, have already become the project of large quantities of visitors of another attraction of Guilin now.
Bungee jumping need player have exceptional courage and courage, because it can let people have a taste of completely what is meant by the freely falling body, pleasant sensation of speed and rebounding weightless enjoyment most heavy to lure.
Compared with bungee jumping rock-climbing, besides needing the courage and courage, need good physical stamina and ripe technology even more, the fabulous " rock wall ballet " attracts and wants to challenge self- young people countless, the rock-climbing of Yang Shuo of Guilin not merely suits beginner's place and circuit for exercise, the place where the person who still makes job rock-climbing claps and cheers, has already climbed rock in fans' Holy Land both at home and abroad now.

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