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Welcome to Guilin!
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The Festival celebration of Guilin

>>Festival of lights on fishing boats of YangShuo
In the past, fishmen at Lijiang River fished at night, often several dozen more than one hundred bamboo rafts were set out, gather among the bend of BaiSha river, old fisherman light fishing lamp of bamboo raft, guide fish rise to the bait to so as. That fishing lamp, a burst of splashes, click like the asterism in great numbers in the night sky, reflecting and shuttling bamboo raft and hit-and-miss osprey in water and forth shining on the surface of water, staggering.
Since 1999, Yang Shuo county have begin to hold " Lijiang River lights on fishing boats festival ", for the thread with Lijiang River " lights on fishing boats " " firework " " bonfire " 3 of fire, add literature and art get-together, square folk theatrical performance, and fine arts, calligraphy, photograph and exhibits, such game activities of recreation and sports as ball match, chess match, cycle racing ,etc., make the whole county town demonstrate the great rejoicing scene . " Lijiang River lights on fishing boats festival " hold in gold autumn season, last 3 days, every till that time, " Lijiang River lights on fishing boats " take " three handfuls of fire " as the thread, connect together to the river surface with " four dragon surface ", " a thousand lotus light " under the foot with green lotus peak, form an splendid fine landscape that " a river lights is red all the river".

>>In red clothing festival of LongSheng
Long Sheng county is the multi-national autonomous county, the red Yao is an offspring of the Yao nationality of Long Sheng. Woman of the red Yao like wearing the red dress woven by oneself, so call red Yao, Every lunar 15th of march or 8th of April is the time of the meeting of Red Yao people of Sishui county, also called the Red clothing festival of Red Yao people every year. Red Yao compatriot good at singing and dancing, the folk sport activity carries the bamboo thick stick, draws the mountain tug-of-war, it is very interesting to hit the flag commonly etc.. Red Yao woman love take the hair on the head, the hair is black and on and very long. Girl of the red Yao like comparing the beautiful, not only look beautiful but also good at the good song of the educated, good speech, beautification of the mind. So, to the folk song, jump and encourage long, the sports match, compare the long hair, comment the stockaded village flower, make the festival of the red clothing abundant in content, very active.
Annual red clothing festival, hold and receive in the stockaded village (the township of Surabaja), or hold under dragon's spine mountain. With the development of tourist industry, red clothing festival become the window to show oneself of Longsheng. And developed the festival of Yao, Miao, Dong, Zhuang etc..

>>The firecracker festival
Traditional folk custom festival of Dong, it put firecracker this day, one big gun means have a growing family to show, the Second Artillery Force may you be prosperous, the third big gun is the Good Harvest. After the firecracker activity, the young men and women get together and play the reed-pope wind instrument, dance. Nightfall, light bonfires, there are ones that sing Dong play, freedom sings in antiphonal style, a scene of happy laughters and cheerful voices. The date in festival of firecracker is different in each place, have from the first month of the lunar year to October, Dong Autonomous County of Sanjiang is the third day of the first month of the lunar year (the lunar calendar, same below), Mei Lin is the second day of February, the rich emolument is the third day of March, the forest and Linxi are the 26th of October.

>>The soul of Ox festival
It is on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month. Also called taking off festival of the yoke, popular in Zhuang mountain village in regions of north Long Sheng of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is said the birthday of emperor of oxen this day. Take off the yoke for oxen, scrub the body, grazes to the place with plenty of water and lush grass. The cattle pen will be swept clean, will spread the dry and comfortable straw. No using, is forbidden to whip even more, will sing the folk song for oxen, feed the dark rice. Some stockaded village in the past have oxen Prince of the Devils temple also, celebrate a festival day, kill pig offer sacrifices, the villagers have a dinner party in the temple. A legend prevails in the locality: Land originally have only rock, yellow sand, the emperor of xo sow one hundred grasses to descend to the mortal world upon instruction, step 3 let one ten thousand grass go, the emperor of xo mistake, step first step spread 3 to turn into to schedule, make earth one hundred grass catch, even crops are covered with the weeds. Celestial Ruler Supreme God's anger, punish the emperor of xo for going to human world and eating up one hundred grasses. But Celestial Ruler Supreme not God forget it, such as whenever it birthday, send descendants visiting, helping and is partial to the emperor of xo and it under the Prince, kill disease go calamity for them, build up Prince of the Devils temple of oxen. The soul of Ox festival display Zhuang people love in farm cattle and to expectation that agriculture have a bumper harvest.

>>Mountains and rivers tour festival of Guilin
Every October - December of years, for raise popularity of Guilin travel, strengthen Guilin travel, absorb visitors, hold the annual international tour festival activity. Not only enriched visitor's travelled life but also well received by Chinese and foreign visitors more and more in tour festival.

>>Three March
It is the traditional song festival of Zhuang, also call " song country fair festival " , " verse old woman festival , ", divide day in the song country fair and song country fair in night. Guangxi Zhuang autonomy district government has already been determined the third day of the third lunar month in every year as Zhuang song festival now, develop into the culture art festival of " the third of March " gradually.

>>Prohibit wind festival
The annual lunar calendar 20 days of the first month is the traditional festival of Miao ping yao xuan of Lingui county in Guilin city. In the immemorial time in legend, the wind god gets angry, the stockaded village suffers from disaster. The immortal instructs everybody, prohibit the a sound of taboo wind on the 20th of the first month of the lunar year, offer sacrifices to the wind god, efficacious as expected, this day became wind festival of prohibiting. Before festival, people pitch some crosses with the straw, press at the room corner of the edge of a field, hang up the eave. During festival, forbid all sounds, airing the clothes in succession can only be paved on the meadow, for prevent from people making noise come and go, the whole stockaded village people leave home to the level ground country fair of the temple to celebrate a festival. The festival activity is colourful, beat drums and gongs, the dance lion acts in an opera, when the night comes, the folk song of the antiphonal responses. This day is prohibit sounds, taboo of wind originally, turn temple level ground country fair a happy grand meeting.

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