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Welcome to Guilin!
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Guilin Cuisine

Not only the mountains and waters are the finest under heaven in Guilin, even local table delicacies win universal praise, local dish of Guilin comprehensive Cuisine sour of Hunan and hot and Cuisine clear and fresh of Guangdong, form one's own unique flavor. The street snack of Guilin is a special skill even more, the lotus leaf which the polished glutinous rice chicken gives out is fragrant that the full street is drifting. Guilin vermicelli must taste, have romaine lettuce powder, sirloin powder, three kinds of delicacies powder, original soup powder, steamed dish powder, sour hot powder, horse meat vermicelli ,etc., hundreds of vermicelli shops in the whole city, every family's taste is not the same, some even open all night .

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Drink the spiral shell
It is drink the field snail eaten promptly, it is the characteristic local snack. Main raw materials are field snail, leaf of the purple perilla, hot pepper and pig's bone. It is put the field snail in the branch water and raised in the Third Five-Year Plan Period at first, after the silt is vomited netly in the belly, go its sharp tail, with oil, salt, ginger, being fry hotly, wine put purple perilla leaf, hot pepper, pig's bone braise and boil together again. While eating, choose and open the top cover of field snail, suck the soup, meat in the mouth in the lump, flavor is hot and fresh, the sweet-smelling is delightful. Can have to drink the spiral shell.

>>Bean jelly
The bean jelly is not common long and thin rice powdery, it is first kind that cool transparent crystal condensed. Put crystal into bowl pound to pieces, is it endure at the food, feel cool and frank , excites to drink a bowl.

>>White pigeon's sesame shrimp
It is the famous nourishes dish. Adopted lifelikly, born white sesame, white turnip, coriander as raw materials to coo , red-and-white and yellowish green and various, bright in colour, delicious and aromatic. Have the efficiency of invigorate female, invigorate the stomach, empty worries and make eyes bright, take place the function of increasing the skin, promoting longevity darkly.

>>Horse's hoof fry chicken ball
It is the famous nourish dish for tradition. Adopt fresh chicken, horse's hoof (water chestnut ), wet mushroom ,etc. as raw materials, it is fry to cook to process meticulously. Its flavor is sweet and delightful, food is oiliness, nutritious. Regulate the flow of vital energy in having warm, easy stomach digest, invigorate the kidney benefit to be precise, function of solving the wine and resisting the cancer.

>>Thick bamboo tube fish
it is Dong famous dish. Adopt pool corner fish, thick bamboo tube section, rice, dish leaf, dried mushroom, coriander, chili ,etc. as raw materials, load with thick bamboo tube to make to steam. Its is handsome in appearance, the fish is delicate, the fragrance with bamboo, fresh alcohol of flavour .

>>Guilin trifle
In the joyous occasion, people eat the Guilin trifle in order to express the hope to relaxed happy life. Made of polished glutinous rice and round-grained nonglutinous rice. Grind into powder after mixing polished glutinous rice and round-grained nonglutinous rice and soaking at first, make post shape powder embryo, put yellow syrup pan steam one hour, cut into slices eating after being very ripe at embryo to spill. Come out the colour is yellow and it is comfortable, The middle is empty and outside is real, the diameter can be up to 33 centimetres, it is about 25 centimetres high, suitable for twenty or thirty people's eating, put on the lotus leaf while eating and have a trial test slowly. Sweet or salty two kinds for choosing.

>>Roast glutinous rice cake
Dye the polished glutinous rice red, yellow, black with the colored leaf of the natural coloured plant, steam getting familiar polished glutinous rice meal, make into again glutinous rice cake, glutinous rice cake shine after air-drying depositing day. Steep glutinous rice cake with water soft when taking, roast to golden yellow two sides by fire, after put candy powder into the glutinous rice cake can be ate.

>>Lipu taro buckle meat
It is one of the national famous dish. Cut the pork in a large square like the hand while making, it is well-done to cook, dazzling on the peel, soak in the condiment, fry into the golden yellow and bubble, cut small one with thick finger, mix Lipu taro one of the same size, spread the fermented-and-salted bean curd, enlarges and steams and is familiar with in the bowl, can be eaten while deducting the plate . Characteristic is the color and luster golden yellow, taro a meat slices soft and delightful, fat and oiliness, thick fragrant smell overflows. Clear away heat and dispel the fire, moist complexion function.

>>The meat of dog of Lingchuan
The meat of dog of Lingchuan of Guilin is well-known, known as "peerless delicious food". Select puppy which hair color is first-class , six kilometers is wonderful generally, cut meat it takes to be even every time, each takes covers, can't add water while just entering the pan, do and fry braising yellowly with the warm fire, mix sand ginger, amomum, big fennel, little fennel spices when boiling, with familiar and not rotten, it is good to be fragrant but not burnt. In front of having the desk, gushed out three colored wine, drenched the bean curd milk, dog's meat has strong fragrant smell, the meat is rotten and delicious. Food in winter is better.

>>Gingko stew old duck
It is the tradition nourish dish, adopt Guilin local product gingko, old duck stripping and slicing, ham block and various kinds of batching, put and stewed the handle less cup and lighted a coal fire with firewood and steamed. its Characteristic is the duck meat fresh and fragrant, gingko slip tender, soup clear strong smell, it is promote the production of body fluid, moisten the lung benefit qigong can to nourish to have.

>>Clam Jie stew the whole chicken
Adopt size one 3 yellow chick, a pair of clams Jie, mixes the longan pulp and condiments, several stretches of fire are scalded in it, then cover the earthen bowl mouths by sand stick paper, on envelope to hot oven. Have sweet-smelling to be strong moistening the lung and relieving the cough, it is invigorate the kidney the function and to tonify Male.

>>Chinese steaming pot chicken
It is tradition nourish famous dish, adopt three yellow or dark meat chicken, arhat fruit and traditional Chinese medicine yellow dangshen, condiments Qi, steamed and made with the Yunnan steaming pot. Having fragrant and tender meat, the soup is delicious and sweet and invigorating the kidney to raise precisely and lowering the blood pressure function.

>>The bamboo shoots are fried the beef
It is the traditional homely dish. Adopt north local product and bamboo shoots, first-class beef, auricularia auriculajudae, mushroom, condiments, Seiko in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to be cooked and fried, let's put one. The characteristic is tender and slippery for beef, the bamboo shoots are delicious and fragile, the color is fresh and delicious, treat Female deficiency and enrich the blood, is good for the spleen and raise the stomach efficiency .

>>The lotus leaf duck of Guilin
It is the tradition nourishes famous dish. Adopt all duck, dry lotus leaf, tight meat cubelets, familiar bamboo shoots man, cured meat man, fry fragrant litch taro man, mushroom man, tender green bean, shrimps, condiments, fry mere duck to golden yellow, wait for a moment , put duck tripe to fry to look through man lump and condiments, light a coal fire with firewood and steam it on wrapping the lotus leaf. It carries on one's shoulder or back to be although fragrant, duck meat slip tender, material delicious filling, it is have the efficiency of promoting the stomach and production of body fluid, Invigorate vital energy firmly and precisely .

>>The horse's hoof steams the meat pie
It is the traditional dish in Guilin. The dish use the peel horse's hoof, fresh red meat and various types of condiments, it is steam to cook to process meticulously. The characteristic is the taste delicious, quality fragile delightful, good for summer and winter. Have the result of quench one's thirst, whet the appetite, down food, invigorates vital energy in warm.

>>The lotus leaf powder steams the meat
It is the national homely famous dish. Adopt and lead leather streaky pork, green bean powder, lotus leaf, Guilin fermented bean curd and various types of condiments, boil , have soy sauce to fry meat, affix green bean powder, wrap with the lotus leaf, put disc to be middle and upper to envelope very hot oven steam and is familiar with. The characteristic is that the color is greenish-yellow, the lotus leaf is fragrant, soft and delicious, fertile but oiliness, Have the function of clearing away heat and detoxify, lower the cholesterol.

>>The sweet-scented osmanthus is fried the dried meat floss
It is the tradition the famous nourishes dish. Adopt flower, red meat, egg and various types of condiments Seiko to braise and fry. The Characteristic is fragrant of dried meat floss, egg loose yellow, being fragrant, sweet-scented osmanthus, it is the best delicacy to go with wine. Flat liver of belly stomach , benefit kidney distribute the cold function.

>>Roasted suckling pig
It is the Guilin speciality. The sucking pig needs to be raised with the polished glutinous rice or the rice, make its thin cover of meat tender in order to have. Roast meticulously with unique craft, skilled fire worker, make its leather yellow and bright silk, then in stripping and slicing for record, it mix by spring onions the sauces, sweetmeats white, its flavor is crisp, meat fragrant and delicates, Have the efficiency of spurting hearts and moisten the lung, Maintain the skin and raise holding .

>>The jade bamboo is boiled the beef
It is the traditional homely dish. Adopt jade bamboo, beef, refined salt, soup as raw materials. Put jade bamboo into earthen jar add soup boil to the smell, add the beef and condiments in addition braise to soup to be strong, can put the mat on the bowl. Have the function of nourish the stomach benefit to the body, building up body .

>>Guilin vermicelli
The Guilin vermicelli is renowned distance for its unique flavor. Its exquisite in workmanship, wear into thick liquid first-class rice first , install bag to strain, carry into a powder group and press into the round root or the slice after boiling. Title vermicelli is called vermicelli, flaky claiming to the cutting powder, generally called the vermicelli, its characteristic is pure white, delicate, slips, delightful softly. Its way to eat is various. Pay attention to making of brine most, its every of craft have different, is it boil to endure with pig, ox bone, arhat fruit and various types of condiments roughly, fragrant smell is strong . The materials of the brine are different from method, flavors of the vermicelli are different too. Have romaine lettuce vermicelli , sirloin vermicelli , three kinds of delicacies vermicelli , original soup vermicelli , steamed dish vermicelli , sour hot vermicelli , horse meat vermicelli ,etc. roughly.

>>The Buddhist vegetable noodle
It is the crescent moon mountain Buddhist nunnery of Guilin that creates according to legend. Year in and year out, the preparation method spreads wide. The soup of the quintessence the Buddhist nun in Guilin, the soup had boiled for a long time with soya bean bud, fresh straw mushroom, mushroom, bamboo shoots ,etc.. The soup color is golden yellow, delicious and sweet, overflow fragrantly. Noodles is loaded into bowl after boil with branch water, set soup into the bowl, combine with Guilin dried bean, yellow dish, vegetarian ham, gluten vegetable dish and condiments, fresh and fragrant and delightful, can eat by the Buddhist nun with all good color, smell and taste. Floor of crescent moon in Seven Star Park Buddhist nun is the most well-known.
It is create on Guilin crescent moon mountain latent real rock Buddhist nunnery, call Aunt noodles. Main raw materials are precise flour, the mushroom and auricularia auriculajudae ,etc.. First use craft retrofit, boil into the bowl, cover mushroom, auricularia auriculajudae, vegetarian ham, gluten, fried dried bean, fragrant spring onion ,etc. drench and have the sesame oil, let go and have the pepper to wait for the flavouring and can be eaten. The precise line is gentle and thin the mouth feel, the delicious sweet-smelling alcohol of soup, a vegetarian diet delicacy. Floor of crescent moon does not miss to get under the crescent moon and mountain of Seven Star Park of Guilin!

>>Vermicelli profit minuziosamente
Rub to the thick liquid detailedly with the first-class rice, rub with the hands and search into a little cylinder form, it is steamed to ripe of 80%, take out and dry. Guilin vermicelli profit will be in the market to eat around the Spring Festival of winter according to the said of some person, Cut to strip while eating, mix cured meat, celery, cauliflower, garlic sprout, etc. put it in dish can be eaten. The characteristic is that the color is fresh and delicious and slipping fragrantly delightfully.

>>Stuffed dumplings
The stuffed dumplings in Guilin are out of the common, its individual is slightly young, rub thick liquid with first-class polished glutinous rice, pigeonhole to power, and then make the skin by noodle group, make filling with local product sweet-scented osmanthus candy or rough Rong, shredded coconut stuffing, fine bean mash ,etc. in Guilin. Boil stuffed dumplings can use yellow candy or crystal sugar, can mix polished glutinous rice sweet wine or egg . In this way, the stuffed dumplings slip comfortably, nutritiously, is the famous product in the snack.

>>Horse's hoof cake
The main material is rice powder, pack vermicelli into strong wooden model like horse's hoof, make the heart with yellow candy powder, horse's hoof powder or sesame powder, the violent fire is steamed to ripe, can eat to take out, it is manufactured simply and conveniently, eat and assail the nostrils fragrantly and sweetly, soft and delicious. Generally take on and buy now for the individual stand. Sporadically appear in the mouth of lane of every street. The pedestrian coming and going, purchase and eat promptly, it is very convenient.

>>Bean mash polished glutinous rice meal
Steam first-class polished glutinous rice ripe to make rice dumpling, so as to sweet bean mash being a main filling, Mix with fry fragrant sesame, insert into some chopped scallion, oil, pliable and tough rice, heart fresh and fragrant filling, full of the flavor. Have with the sausage, boil such salty polished glutinous rice meals which cooks the filling as the beef, etc. now, also have a distinctive flavour. It is the common snack of breakfast, people of Guilin.

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