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Guilin History

Is apart from the now approximately for 10,000 years ago, according to urban area treasure rock and rice steamer leather rock relic that cave find criticize of a text, rice steamer leather rock people already enter the maternal stage of clan society. Xia Shang and Zhou Period here ies the residence of " Baiyu " people.
Qin Shihuang set up Guilin, Xiang, South China Sea three prefectures, this is the origination of the name of " Guilin ", but the prefecture did not manage in today's Guilin. Han dynasty Yuanding six years(111 B.C. ), set up ShiAn County in here, under the jurisdiction of Jing Zhou zero imperial tomb prefecture one year. Changed to Shianhou country in East Han dynasty. The Three Kingdoms belongs to Sichuan Province first, and then belong to Wu. The first year of Ganlu (265 years)set up the ShiAn County, prefecture county jurisdiction is in today's Guilin. Belonged to Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region state of south of the Five Ridges office in Sui and Tang dynasties. Tang Li Jing build city on south beautiful peak alone four year (621 year ) of WuDe, belong to the Guizhou shian county after chage the name as Lingui county at the eighth year of Zhenguan (634 year ). The actinic belongs to JInjiangjiedu in three years (900 ). Successively belonged to state of Chu and the Guizhou that belong to South East dynasty in Wu Dai - Shi Guo. Song belongs to Guangnan west Guizhou before, and then belong to the JInjiang office . Yuan dynasty belong to Guangxi Xingzhongshusheng JInjiang road . Belonged to the office of Guilin of province of Guangxi in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Republic of China belongs to the province of Guangxi. Renamed Guilin county in 1914. The beginning of 1940 set up Guilin city. Captured for Japanese invaders in November of 1944 - July 28, 1945. It is the city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government of Guangxi after recovering. It is the provincial capital of Guangxi to be long-term in history.
Liberated in GuiLin on November 22 , 1949, it was the city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government of Guangxi. Renamed as Guilin of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 1958, had jurisdiction over urban area and suburb of Guilin. Incorporated into Guilin and administered in Yang Shuo, Lingui in July of 1981 October of 1983. Will it be December 26 of 1996 Guilin according to the State Council, scheme which the autonomous region give a written reply municipal Party committee and government, adjust zoning, rename the suburb as Yanshan mountain area. With the approval of the State Council on September 8, 1998, Guilin city and Guilin area amalgamated, set up new Guilin city.

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