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Welcome to Guilin!
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Guilin Overview

Guilin is located in the south of corridor of Hunan and Guangxi, the Northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, it is the famous scenery tourist city of our country, enjoy the good reputation that " the mountains and waters of Guilin are the finest under heaven ". East longitude 36 109 ' to 29 111' , north latitude 15 24 ' to 23 26', have an elevation of 150 meters equally, the north,, the the Northeast and Hunan Province bounded, link with area of Liuzhou in the west, southwest link with Wuzhou, Hezhou city in the south, the southeast, adjoin Guangdong Province. The whole area is 27,800 sq. km., urban area is 565 sq. km. among them. The city has jurisdiction over the beautiful peak, the elephent mountain, seven stars, one pile of colors, wild goose's mountain, 12 counties of six urban areas of economic zone of overseas Chinese's travel and Lingchuan, Xingan, Quanzhou, Lingui, Yang Shuo, Pingle, Lipu, Long Sheng, Yongfu, respectful city, Ziyuan, Guanyang, the whole area in the administrative division is 27809 sq. km.
The city is monsoon climate area of middle subtropical zone of Guilin, heat is abundant, 18.8 ?of annual average temperature, rainfall is plentiful, the annual average rainfall is 1872 mm, make a clear distinction between the four seasons in spring, summer, autumn or winter, and two hot at same seasons. The plant community of Guilin (vegetation ) belongs to the south reason in the evergreen forest belt range of subtropical zone, the plant is various in style, the kind of the higher plant begins to count from the pteridophyte, it is 2329 kinds altogether. Producing 1166 kinds originally in Guilin, crop culture and outside kind of 1163 kinds, are under the jurisdiction of 247 subjects, 969 genera. Find near Guilin and Guilin for the first time but there are 11 kinds of plants that is named after two words of " Guilin ". The sweet-scented osmanthus (the subject sweet-scented osmanthus of sweet-scented osmanthus belongs to, the evergreen arbor ) is a city flower of Guilin. There are 1593 kinds of animals of various kinds in Guilin, under the jurisdiction of 60 eyes and 295 subjects. Carp shape eye fish, Polo of Guilin, carp of department, one new kind, cave peculiar rare fish one of. The metal mineral deposit is red iron, yellow iron, brown iron, lead, zinc, etc. mainly. The nonmetal ore is limestone, shale, marble.
Guilin mountains and rivers that the typical karst ground form has formed the mountain blue and green , bright and beautiful, the hole is strange, the stone is beautiful. The mountains and rivers scene of Guilin, human cultural sight fire the imagination, but the colourful national conditions and customs make people crazy about further. Such 28 ethnic minorities as Zhuang, Hui, Miao, Yao, Dong ,etc. each have characteristics, strong play, Dong play, long encouragement, embroidery wax printing of the Miao nationality of the Yao nationality of Dong of Zhuang ,etc. all have won fame both at home and abroad, while enjoying beautiful mountains and rivers, experience the writing style feeling of people in Guilin, it is sure to have a worthwhile trip to believe.

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