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Welcome to Guilin!
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Guilin Shopping

GuiLin is a city with green hills and clear waters, the air here is fresh and moist, stroll in big urban area it strolls to be one enjoyment too, can also given a bit local products to friend incidentally by the way.
The road pedestrian street of Zhenyang is the most famous business street of Guilin, praised as " the first street of west of China ", it starts from the north road of Shahu in the south, reaches the east liberates road in the north, total length is 666 meters, there is meaning that " six and six is obeyed greatly ", the whole street takes building in the style of the ancients of the Chinese style as the core, in Guilin of merging being at the mountains and rivers relief and the north folk building characteristic foundation, mix it with some European classical buildings, has seemed to already have simple and unsophisticated graceful bearing of Wangfujing of Beijing, there is romantic sentiment of the west street of Yang Shuo; No matter jewel, calligraphy and painting, handicraft in here, or dress, local and special products, whom table delicacies have sell, one may well say that is fill with everything.
Guilin is the ripe tourist city of a development, the kind of the travelling products is very abundant too, from good and inexpensive ornaments to expensive jewel, may collect here. Buy jewel can go to jeweler's shop which have " country determine place " to get, if buy the fake products, can complain the claim, but the ornaments of cheap price can be gone to the mill mountain quay adjacent place to buy, but will certainly remember counter-offer.

The special product in Guilin

>>Wood carving • bamboo carving
Guilin wood carving, traditional handicraft of bamboo carving in Souvenir attracting attention very much even to travel.
The painting pen container adopt line to carve skill and technique, carve Guilin mountains and rivers, birds and flowers water flea or birds and beasts ,etc. outside pen container. Especially the mountains and rivers of Guilin, the relative superiority of the actual situation, well arranged, more vivid, more antique after having the paint.
Square bamboo cane: The square bamboo is in the north mountain area of Long Sheng of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the bamboo becomes square, the bamboo body is thick, through process carve become various beautiful, graceful practical square bamboo cane. Old hand hold not only helping hand, seem poise to be graceful even more.
Box wood carving: The box wood carving in Guilin synthesizes various kinds of domestic carving skills and techniques, combines the local characteristic, adopt round carving, fretwork to carve etc. and receive and dispatch, carve and make various kinds of workmanships. Carve skill to be pleasantly surprised , very skillful and novel , fascinating design have.
The bamboo chopsticks of engraved designs: get on blue and green to stay yellow in bamboo quality chopsticks, utilize yellow one to be carved and gone to the mountains and rivers and beauty spot of Guilin. Picture that line carve use green one dye it, line with tender yellow bamboo reed, rather graceful, it is the economic, beautiful and practical handicraft, sell in the various household supplies shop of the local products.

>>Guilin comb
Guilin comb was original in the Tang Dynasty, had a history of more than 1000 years, go through Song, yuan, Ming all generation, develop and improve constantly, become traditional leading brand product of Guangxi. Once it was benefit of holding of " combing in the palace ", " famous pen ".
Bamboo comb: The bamboo pen of Guilin adopts the Nan bamboo of the local product in the position to make main raw materials, refined and succeeding. It has the characteristics that the comb tooth is pliable and tough, sturdy and duable, elegant in appearance, 808 comb, 608 colored tooth, 708 produce now is spend mountains and rivers comb to look through, is both at home and abroad, always enjoy the benefit of " famous comb " to sell well.
Bone comb: Qing Dynasty was developed on the basis of making of the bamboo comb, and in the market in the city. It is different from bamboo comb, its comb roof beam is used ox's bone instead by the blue and green bamboo, and carve the mountains and rivers and birds and flowers personage in Guilin the roof beam, make the bone comb firmer and beautifuller .
Angle comb: Ox, sheep's horn comb, develop on the basis of making wooden comb in the Ming Dynasty according to legend, having already reached higher skill by Qing Dynasty, regarded sheep's horn comb as the top particularly, it was transparent and firm, the pattern is gratifying.
Box wooden comb: It is refined and succeeding to adopt the famous and precious boxwood. The comb actor is good at selecting materials, Do the comb according the material, make carp comb, bamboo comb, semicircle comb, pig's heart combs, the equality kind to make, attractive designs, simple and unsophisticated and refined, receive the nobility's appreciation as far back as Qing Dynasty, there is benefit that " the comb of palace ".

>>The stone carving
The stone carving is as far back as the Tang Dynasty, the stone carving developed already in Guilin. there is Guilin Western Hills, the Fubo mountains, piles of color mountain of this, etc. the more than 500s of place rub by precipice stone carving statue of Buddha as card, it is the stone carving of Guilin of today, have offered valuable reference.
The stone carving handicraft in Guilin is support tourist's choosing, they mostly adopt the stone and Dongxing stone carving of Luchuan of Guangxi to carve and succeed. Luchuan stone have jade green, blackish green, gaudy getting green color and luster, sparkling and crystal-clear such as the jade quality have; The stone of Dongxing is gorgeous, bright and clean and moist and beautiful, can match in excellence or beauty with the agalmatolite. The two are all first-class building stones of the craft of stone carving. After select materials by the actors, design, hit the base, carve, making five processes all etc. precisely, the vivid and beautiful mountains and rivers, vivid birds and beasts, birds and flowers' water flea, statue of Buddha of task of Guilin appear before you, these have contracted the dragon becomes the works of stone carving of inch, attract a lot of persons who meet.

>>Jade carving
The jade material with emerald, jasper, soapstone, dense jade, crystal, agate, turquoise, blue and green gold ,etc. does materials, conceived ingeniously by the actor, because the material is designed, construct with the consummate craft , having carved into such advanced handicrafts as the personage, birds and flowers, stove bottle ,etc., they are top-grade souvenirs that tourists chose too.
The first industrial arts factory in Gui Li is the base producing jade article of Guilin, the products that it produces are as follows, animal, maid of honour statue and ornament block (their variety is as follows, bracelet, fragrant plantain lily, jade ring, jade ear drop, jade earrings, jade are promoted, etc. medium and small jade articles), quality is quite good, the craft is consummate.

>>Mountains and rivers soft satin quilt cover of Guilin
The mountains and rivers soft satin quilt cover of Guilin produced in Guilin, win the favorable comment from the masses of consumers deeply. It selects the pure silk and artificial silk for use and makes raw materials, adopts the traditional craft of weaving, knit out the pattern of various kinds of Guilin stove the silk fabric. Its Pattern have shadow of Xiangshan mountain and tower, try on sword stone, Nanxi mountain, flower bridge ,etc.; Color much has bright red, pink, roses, yellowish, sky blue, dark green, jade green etc. kinds, some still inlay the silver silk of gold silk, sparkle, seem dignified and luxurious, charming and beautiful. Well appreciate value.

>>Writing brush of yellow prosperous allusion quatation
The yellow prosperous allusion quatation is the most famous in the pen manufacturing industry of Guilin. A word like this spreads in people: " the yellow prosperous allusion quatation, needn't be selected to buy pens ", it is the supreme appraisal on it.
Yellow prosperous allusion quatation writing brush have a history of over one hundred years already to make, produce fine long hair, writing brush, glutton fine long hair, writing brush made of rabbit's hair,etc. 70 on top-grade heavy, medium and small, writing brush of planting. It selects material exquisitly, making is meticulous, the craft is consummate. The writing brush products have sharp, neat, rounds, strong four characteristics. It is here with this that fan favour calligraphy and painting in the yellow prosperous allusion quatation writing brush industry.
In a word, the industrial art of Guilin, tourist souvenir are various in style, and new varieties are put into the market year by year. The commemorates that together selling at every giant hotel and scenic spot. Especially light an oil lamp time evening, south gate either end of a bridge, liberate either end of a bridge have several dozen stands arrange in a row, let you choose, can bargain freely .

>>Gem handicraft picture
Use the skill of Chinese painting, Westernly draw, according to the shape of the gem, display mountains and rivers view, birds and flowers personage, local conditions and customs, make into the pendants, decorations of different specifications. It is the work of art that the gem combined with painting.

>>Sweet-scented osmanthus tea
The production history is long, the processing technology is meticulous, the specification requirement is strict. Choose smell baking blue and green tea basing and high-quality gold sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant, flower mixed and stir, the coherent flower dispels the heat, replies the fire, brocade, takes and piles and makes a pleasant shade to succeed through basement. Similar to green leaves sew gold flower, color golden yellow and bright soup have, flavour is sweet and pure and mild and comfortable, tea fragrant and flower fragrant luxuriant, cold fragrant and elegant are lasting, It is the first heavy characteristic of sweet-scented osmanthus tea. Drink for a long time, inflammation, periodontitis, skin dry to split, voice hoarse to have sure to treat the suburb to oral cavity. Began to be sold to such countries as Japan and Hong Kong ,etc. and area in 1970's, well received.

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