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Welcome to Guilin!
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Travel guide of Guilin

>>Dragon spine terraced fields
It is within the territory of Guilin Long Sheng county the southeast Peace township, have first large-scale terraced fields group, Like the chain and belt, twine from foot of the hill to the mountaintop, the hill is like the spiral shell, the mountain is like the tower, layer upon layer of, straggly at last. Its lines are natural and smooth, graceful and gentle and smooth; Scale is boundless and grand, powerful, have good reputation of " the first, terraced fields of world ", this is dragon's spine terraced fields. Dragon spine from terraced fields to Long Sheng of county town is 27 kilometers, distance to Guilin 80 kilometers, scenic spot area amounts to 66 sq. km., the terraced fields are distributed between 300 to 1100 meters in the elevation, slope is mostly between 26 to 35 degrees, the largest slope is up to 50 degrees. Though there are terraced fields everywhere in the mountain area of the southern part of the country, the concentration as extensive as dragon's spine terraced fields is really rare.
Dragon spine terraced fields establish in Yuan Dynasty, complete in the beginning of Qing dynasty, already have a history of more than 650 years from today. Dragon's spine cut into a mountain ancestors building up fields did not think originally, they were with the sweat on the brow and terraced fields which the life held out, turned into so charming and graceful a curve world unexpectedly. During long years, strong wills seeking survival in the nature of people, in know naturally and build intelligence and strength displayed among the home, fully embody here.
The view is different throughout the year here, spring will come, water full field farmland, Like bunches of bunches of silver chain mountain hang; The Summer Solstice, good standing grain turn green, Like arrange green wave rush down from heaven; Golden Autumn, the rice head sinks the pasture, like the gold palaces of top of the tower; Midwinter, snow promise bumper harvest year, like white jade build the high in the clouds. This kind of scene can deserve to be called a great wonder in human world. What is interesting is, in this terraced fields world vast as the ocean, the largest field is only 0.067 hectares, the great majority are garrulous field one planting just a few lines of standing grain, so there is statement that " the rain cape made of straw or palm bark has overlaid the field ".

>>Preceded rock
Preceded half a kilometer in the Lawn, its appearance preceded like Purple gold preceded in ancient times, so called the first rock. Flow out the sweet cold clear spring throughout the year in the rock, so also call Sweet rock. Also because of in painting black hole, appear the shimmer in the top, the preceded rock also call the mere rock, preceded rock can be rated as the winding path leads to a secluded quiet place, entrance to a cave have Forth Five levels, water is passed through among them, beautiful scenery, it is cool in summer and warm in winter. It communicate with Angie rock also, water can enter it and come out in land, it have seven star profundity of rock, the magnificence of the reed rock, can be rated as the first of all rock.
" the ship reaches the curtain mountain, see Purple gold preceded". View the Preceded mountain on the Weimu mountain, it just as one ancient Purple gold preceded of emperor. The mouth of Preceded rock, is the exit of river of underground , one clear stream flow out slowly from the hole in four seasons perennially. Preceded rock, hole divide into four doors, can take ride bamboo raft go to the underground railway of state of being middling of hole to view and admire. First hole door about 10 meter high, it is the outside hole, it is have stalactite hang on the top of the hole, right of the hole have view platform, carved with the first rock poem of people in Ming dynasty near platform. While changing over to the second hole from the first hole, the hole door is low, abundant water season are nearly all flooded by water in the hole doors. In two seasons of autumn of summer, can ride the bamboo raft or the underground railway to view and admire. While changing over to the third hole, the hole door is shorter. The fourth hole is comparatively easy to enter, there is sand, have shoals inside. The stalactite in the hole is Bizarre and motley, It is the Crystal Palace of " and concurrently mountains and rivers strange " underground along the bank of river. Enter the hole, hear gurgling singing of the stream , but " fail to see source from where come ".
Four layers of holes door of the rock, there is an rich and interesting world to enter the hole door of each layer. Bizarre and motley stalactite and deep and serene pool water at the hole, unreal to strange crystal palace.

>>Two river four lake
Li river, blossom river, wooden dragon lake, the Gui lake, banyan lake,Sha lake called Two river 4 lake. The Gui, Sha, banyan three lake have exist in Song dynasty, wooden dragon lake was land originally. It is the pulse of water which link up Lijiang River and inland lake, dig more than 450,000 cubic meters of soil, then to become the lake. There is wooden dragon's ancient wonderful scenery crossed because of the intersection with Lijiang River, it goes to wooden dragon hole here, so call the wooden dragon lake. It is a grand occasion of Guilin to play on water. Era changes, two rivers and four lakes, the towns and villages all over the country separate brokenly, the river system around the city, broken and fragmented, water quality worsens, the historical relic is forgotten, the broken room of high tower, it is old between the mountains and rivers to mix, the water of show of famous mountain, its form, it is right to repair. More than 1,000 years ago, Guilin form partial city river departmenting intact. Play on water and become common practise promptly in Tang and Song Dynasty, unprecedented in flourishing age .
Two river four lake scenic spot all over plant famous tree, famous flower, famous grass, build banyan tree, ginkgo, cedar, metasequoia, lily magnolia, palm all garden, in order to improve the ecology of the city of the centre of Guilin; Erect 19 famous bridges, in order to increase the efficacious air in the towns and villages all over the country; Resume, build the ancient famous floor, famous towers, famous pavilions ten thousands of square meters, in order to increase the light spot of the city of Guilin; Explore ,repair the cultural relics and historic sites in more than 50 places, to clear the history and culture of Guilin; Build ship lift machine, lock every one place of Hi-Tech, in order to help boat ship pass through.
Two rivers and four lakes of today, the river of the front of a garment connects lakes, the rapid waterfall flies to flow, the inverted image of grotesque peak, clear wave beat the shore, the fragrant grass is in riotous profusion, the good wood is in great numbers and shady. Along the lake strandline, fight and roll over moving with the body on the ground, the new bridges, the scene is integrated interestingly, each present radiant splendour, a pavilion of building pavilion, in picturesque disorder, enhance each other's beauty, have even more, helping the boat in the lock, surrounds water to wind on the mountain, the scenic spot is taken on to the limit. Like the setting sun sets, ten thousand are bright together, the lights are waning, twin towers reflect moon, bridge step the Milk Way, Song street Liancheng. The river system around the city, give an added grace to what is already beautiful for first mountains and rivers of Guilin all over the world, make Chinese and foreign visitors so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return.
If you go boating on water, swim around the city, can savour that empty fairy artistic conception that " heart and water are near, dream years old and dust are far " heartily. The Lijiang river which like the draw and beautiful, the peach blossom river in the Land of Peach Blossoms, an efficacious China fir lake of Sha, the banyan lake of poetic and pictorial splendor, the Gui lake that the water and sky are of one color, sink the wooden dragon lake overflowing simple and unsophisticatedly, all spectacular because long and clear water flows. Natural, history are resided, the light of city, ecological purpose, people's livelihood interesting and all in two rivers and four lakesing, it is the beauty of Guilin to be condensed.

>>Lijiang River
It is original from highest peak cat mountain of Yuecheng mountain, the beginning part called the Darongjiang river, Dissolve from efficacious canal river town and Lijiang River converge mouth go to River mouth of respectful city of Pingle county, called Lijiang River, total length is 160 kilometers; The low reaches to the Wuzhou from birthplace, called Guijiang river, total length is 426 kilometers, it is a river system of the Zhu Jiang River.
In one hundred li of galleries of Lijiang River, green water, green hill, bamboo, inverted image form one green world, it is show the ecology of nature that take green a the soul, taking water as soul. And misty rain, fine haze, moonlight, rosy clouds make Lijiang River like the dreamlike fairyland wonderfully even more. Lijiang River each this getting green picture scroll sleeping buffalo, lights on fishing boats of cormorant to come in and go out to take sometimes, play water boy, pick tea-leaves young woman in village, the idyll of harmony between man and nature to draw sometimes, show the beauty of the sophisticated appeal of the supreme realm of Li's river culture.
One hundred picture scroll may divide 3 scenic spots into roughly according to scenery. The first scenic spot: From Guilin to ox's gorge. Grotesque peak of two sides stands in great numbers at Lijiang River, the countryside, rural area are distributed stragglily, the view is various, it is the good place to view and admire faraway mountains and nearby water and humane local trait, form the beginning part of the picture scroll. The second scenic spot: The ox's gorge to the Shuiluo village. Mountain, stone of two sides, in succession, towering to tower grotesque peak have, It is essential part of Lijiang River of scene, form the theme part of the picture scroll. The third scenic spot, Shuiluovillage to Yang Shuo. Land mountain range and shallots of two sides, are seen everywhere in the bamboo, luxuriant forest, field, mountain villa, fishing village, have added for the picture scroll and gone to beautiful rural area color. The boat visits Lijiang River, makes people pleasing, happy pottery feeling, purify soul, abandon the vulgar hopeless dust. We can say: Lijiang River is too beautiful to have all over the world definitely. The folk rhyme is called" nine oxen are face to three continents, both sides of river flow, Five horse pass through the river, pairs of lion get away ball made of strips of silk ".
" quintessence tour of Lijiang River " goes on board from the mill mountain quay or the bamboo river foreign affairs quay, arrive in the county town of Yang Shuo four hours later. The locate guest lands at the quay of leading mountain, the foreign guest debarks at the quay of Yang Shuo, more than 50 kilometers of journey by boat. The pleasure-boat reaches ox's gorge after sailing out of the quay for about half an hour. Form like precipice, usher of bat dam to spread the wings in here, form one unbroken li of grand river gorges. Lawn area have strange peak and water, lotus peak green wall. Left of the river precedes the rock gains the name because the mountain peak is similar to ancient purpal golden preceded, enjoy the reputation of " pearl in Lijiang River ". Guoxiu mountain, one side of something cross, " Land of Peach Blossoms admire the full moon " , " stone people turn a millstone " , bamboo shoot mountain ,etc. scene, welcome five major beautiful scenery of Lijiang River: The cliff side waterfall of Yang Ti , wave stone and misty rain, nine horses draw the mountain, inverted image of the yellow cloth, revitalize the most enjoyable stage of level ground.
The most famous mountain of Lijiang River is that the Hua mountain, the most beautiful scene is the inverted image of the yellow cloth. It Hua mountain is high 416 meters, The face of the peak along the river become the different deep color belt of cliff by color because of such biological death calcification of low grade as the alga ,etc. . It is biological pigment and rock that include pieces of kinds of mineral substance true quality draw posture to be different, world-famous nine mountain horse on HUa montain and " last wall carp ", " for mountain colored drawing or pattern ", " last winged steed Chang Kuo-Iao ",etc. Lijiang River precipice natural draw. Under the blue sky and white cloud, the mountain is like the jade bamboo shoot precious jade hairpin, the peak looks like Luo Dai of blue and green hair worn in a bun or coil, the inverted image near the beach of the yellow cloth congeals the artistic conception that " saw the blue and green mountaintop clearly, the ship up goes on the blue and green mountaintop ".

>>The trunk mountain
It is lies in the river of the urban peach blossom and Lijiang River to converge in the place, it is one of famous mountain in Guilin. Form by pure limestone that deposited in the sea floor 360 million years ago, mountain shape exactly like one huge elephant extend nose to river to drink the water, therefore gain the name. The mystery of Xiang mountain, the shape and the soul are the same at first, bring up one face water white moon among nose leg secondly, form the wonderful view " Xiang mountains and rivers moon". The continent bamboo cluster with the Xiang mountain facing each other, the fruit tree are flourishing, the thatched cottage with bamboo fence-simple dwelling of a hermit is set off during it . If in rainy season, the cloud steams the fog and rises, the village gives up and is all like putting on and attacking the fine gauze with the green tree, the ancient calls that " the Zizhou misty rain".
Water moon hole are among trunk and the leg of the trunk mountain. About 12,000 years ago, the earth's crust was lifted, Lijiang River shrank, accelerate the development of water moon hole, form the penetrating round hole from east to west. It is 17 meters long, 9.5 wide, 12 meters high.
Trunk rock lie in trunk mountain hill-side north and south sides, well versed in each other, is in close proximity to water moon hole, gain the name because in the place in a moment of trunk on the trunk mountain. The rock is 1.9 meters high, 3.3 meters wide, about 13.5 meters long. Rock mouth face the river, face the east, Close the state in article shape, From Antarctic entrance to a cave of southern foot on the mountain, can mount south eyes along the stone step. Come from the Xingyan rock, a mountain path can reach the mountaintop. An overhanging cliff in the north, it is open to have no stone step. The xiangyan rock have two holes of north and south, is a pair of splendid windows which overlooks the scenery. Looking at the left eye, the towering hotel of Lijiang River is close at hand, the downtown streets of urban building are in a compact mass, the half a city mountain fragrant plant comes clearly into view ; Looking far into the distance from the right eye, river wave sail shadow, it is dimly visible Zizhou, Tashan Mountain , piercing through among the mountain to glimmer. It is a good place to enjoy the cool, look into the distance of the scene of river.
General virtuous tower like the Pommel which insert into the back of the elephant, like a classic treasure bottle also, so call " the pommel tower ", or " bottle tower of the treasure ". This tower build in Ming Dynasty, tower is 13.6 meter high, tower base octagonal to need fill one for double layers, in second base straight in the north, have the virtuous Bodhisattva image which carve by blue and green stone. The general virtuous tower lies in head of the Xingshan mountain, not merely identical with legend of the mountains and rivers of Guilin, has confirmed general virtuous Bodhisattva and ridden elephant's saying, and the elephant carries the treasure bottle on the back, in a lot of legends of various countries of Asia, symbolize peace, beautiful and happiness too.

>>Reed rock
Reed scenic spot lie in Guilin city northwest light middle of a mountain, gain the name because there is a reed grass of the flute long in the entrance to a cave. It is that a view is highly centralized, the visit the most enjoyable stage of trying the good fortune best to be magical very much in scenery. This was found as early as more than 1,000 years ago, in the magical cave-dwelling not open to Chinese and foreign visitors formally by 1962, a feast for the eyes stalagmite, stalactite, stone curtain, stone flower, coral, emerald rhetorical flourishes and palace that become. These stalactite in different poses and with different expressions dissolves the calcium carbonate in rocks because of the function of the groundwater, Dissolve the calcium carbonate in the rock . Piled up through the sediment crystallization of up to a million years. Therefore, the reed rock is praised as " the palace of nature art ".
The famous scene spot in hole: Rosy dawn of Lion mountain range, the Pine proud snow of the tower, high gorge and cliff side waterfall, virgin forest, coiled dragon's valuable tower, curtain in the hole. Look mountain city from far, cloud platform visit scenic spot, red curtain, deep and remote scene listen to flute, twin columns hold up it, male lion person who see a visitor out several dozen places. Rock memory have Tang and Song Yuan Dynasty and even the Republic of China the early years wall of book over 70, They are precious materials of history to study Guilin ancient social .

>>Bend over wave mountain park
The bend over wave mountain close to Lijiang River, fatherless peak grand to stand erect, east rests the head on Lijiang River, mountain gain the name because of this. There are cloister mansions. The overall arrangement is proper, the pearl hole in the foot of a mountain, have another name called Fu BoYan, hole exquisite and penetrating, many small holes in it. There is famous view of the sword stone in the hole, there is a thousand Buddhism rock that rube the precipice statue in the Tang Dynasty. There is a lot of stone engraving on the hole wall, the most famous one has expert of calligraphy and painting Mi Fu's self-portrait and poem inscribed on a scroll of poet FanChengda of Song Dynasty, can call the treasure . Step to the mountaintop, view sunrise of Yao mountain in the morning, the fog looks into the misty rain of Zizhou, looking old man's mountain expression from far, the scenery is particularly pleasant.
Try the sword stone: Call the trunk stone, champion stone too. Whether trunk stone, stem from first generation of Song Dynasty Liang anshi stone engraving word " west river moon ": " the spectacular rocky peak hangs the trunk emptily ". It is somewhat like the flagging elephant nose. Champion stone, come from the folk proverb: " rock connect with, the champion produces ", express people' hopes to producing more good talents .

Return the pearl hole: It is by long-term corrosion of the rainwater and the eroding developing and taking shape gradually repeatedly of great wave , about 10,000 years ago. gaining the name of the return pearl hole, there are two kinds of statements. First, stem from real history of " return pearls in Hepu "; Second, it is from the story add legend of general of bend over wave Ma Yuan " Job's tears cover with slander " .

>>The mountain park of one pile of colors
A pile of color and mountain lie in the urban area Northeast of Guilin, is close to Lijiang River, stand like a tripod with city beautiful peak, Li river bank bend over wave mountain, all as the famous scene spots.
Piles of color mountain cover an area of about 2 ten thousand sq. km., make up by bright moon peak, Red crowned crane peak, look around mountain, Yu YueShan montain, lying across the urban area, the scenery is graceful, and easy to climb, because mountain stone transect ring upon ring, gain the name exactly like one rolls of brocade pile. It is developed in the Tang Dynasty, with rub precipice to be statue of Buddha in the majority when the Song Yuan dynasty, become poet painter gather place that poem joined in the chorus when the Ming and Qing Dynasties .
Very many fine landscape in Mountain, have pile color pavilion, yuyue pavilioning, two tablet of Qu and Zhang , faced upward not lasting hall, wind-tunnel, piles of color building, Wangjiang pavilion and Nayun pavilion ,etc. The past dynasties celebrity's Zhyuan of inscriptions on precipices is many on the mountain, go through with Ming Wanli years Guangxi solicit rough general feather what minister mention " rivers and mountains know scene office " particularly famous among them, its shape is dignified and rigorous, is strong in strength strongly, is the quintessence in the historical relic. If step the bright moon peak, stop in the Nayun pavilion , the whole scenery of city fundus in the eyes. " the fine wind four sides mountain, view the fairyland in human world ".

The wooden dragon ancient port: Depend on wooden dragon hole to gain the name. The wooden dragon hole is in the east of the The mountain park of one pile of colors, there are deep-rooted old trees in the hole in ancient times, growing cliffs, the form is like dragons, so gain the name. Hole smooth, north and south pierce through, can put through the car and horse, it is the traffic main artery of the north of Guilin. Close to Lijiang River in the north of the hole, has set up the port from ancient times, so called the wooden dragon ancient port. There are stone towers built in the Tang Dynasty on the river bank, to bolish the evil originally according to legend, and became hydrology note down actually. The green bamboo of the other bank is set off, the building is given up and arranged. Have a taste of the ancient scene of ferryboat port, have special feelings.

>>Scenic spot of seven stars
Lying in the east bank of Lijiang River, 1.5 km from city center, area is 134.7 hectares, because have seven star mountain, seven star rock gain the name, It is the most heavy, history longest, most large comprehensive park of beauty spot in Guilin city .
Seven peaks of seven stars mountain stand erect, like the Big Dipper constellation; north 4 peaks like the chief Dipper, claim the mountain of Putuo, south three peaks are like the handle of the Dipper, call the moon mountain. The rock, just in the mountain middle of a mountain in Putuo, the grotto is grand and deep, stalactite, stalagmite, stone pillar, stone curtain ,etc. in different poses and with different expressions, luxuriant are the wonder in the hole in seven famous stars. From Sui and Tang dynasties more than 1,000 years ago, the seven stars rock, on the hole. Fine works of Guilin " three mountain two hole one river ", " two hole " among them refer to seven star rock, reed rock promptly. The scenic spot of seven stars have a typical karst ground form view, it collects the mountain blue and green, bright and beautiful, the hole is strange, the stone is beautiful in an organic whole, formed such scenic spots as " Big Dipper " , " real border of Qixia " , " rainbow shadow of crescent moon " , " hump red rosy clouds " , " dragon's latent miracle " ,etc. in history. Garden trees flowers and fruits in flakes, whenever in gold autumn season, full garden sweet-scented osmanthus well up gold shed silver, rich in fragrance, luxuriant tree and bamboo, gold Sweet-scented osmanthus and red Chinese sweet gum, sweet-smelling grass green mattress, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, make the water of show of strange mountain more gorgeous.
There is seven stars rock in the main beauty spot in the scenic spot of seven stars, relief mural painting of " light of summer of China " Relief mural painting, The hump is green, flower bridge, moon building, small Guanghan palace, the General top precise, the forest of Steles in Guihai, green timid pavilion , potted landscape realm of art and literature, strange stone hall, Chinese rose garden, cuckoo garden, amusement park , zoo ,etc..

>>Seven stars rock
Calls the hole of Qixia in ancient, in the middle of a mountain in Putuo in Seven Star Park, it was a section of underground rivers originally, had already had a history of over one hundred years so far. Generally have two kinds of topography by the grotto that the underground river forms.
First, " erosion topography of grotto ", the beauty spot of " the Milk Way Magpie Bridge " in the hole, is an enormous vaulted hall, like the sky.
Second, " the piling up the topography of grotto ", is grown the sediment to make up by the stalactite, stalagmite, grade of stone pillar, have various kinds of shapes, very strange. Depend on the folk conventional expression today, according to Guilin painter's Zhangwenxi justice of " first cave heaven " of question of a document of Ming Dynasty in the rock, named as the " the cave heaven of seven stars ".

>>Camel's mountain
Exactly like a dromedary which bends over the ground, call its " camel's mountain ". Because it also calls " the mountain of the wine pot " very as the wine pot in ancient times. So alike in spirit and stone mountain can't see it masterpiece that nature bring up more like the shape among nature, it is a rare artistic treasure. Generation this all over plant peach blossom, flower turn on like red rosy clouds one, so name " hump red rosy clouds " in the past.

>>flower bridge
It is one of the oldest architecture in Guilin. Establish in in the period of Jiaxi years in South Song dynasty, originally called " the Jiaxi bridge ", that was more than 700 years ago, Because the both sides of the bridge are full of the bright-colored azalea, spend the appearance in shadow of the bridge again, whole of bridge just as building in the flowering shrubs, so name " flower bridge ". The flower bridge horizontal shelf in on little Dongjiang and clever sword small stream river flow, go through and destroy by rush of water many times, the present bridge was rebuilt in 1965 according to the original sample of the 19th year of Jiajing of Ming Dynasty. The flower bridge is made up of water bridge and viaduct. Water bridge have four jionts, the viaduct bridge have seven joins, total length is more than 130 meters. If stand on the moon mountain to look the flower bridge, four water join with inverted image from water form like four full moon, it is called " the rainbow shadow of flower bridge ".

>>Waterfall of ancient east riva
It is lie in the southeast of ancient town of large country fair, about 26 km from Guilin, among them more than 10 kilometers are in the left river, can appreciate the scene of two sides of Lijiang River and rural area beautiful sceneries, because belong to Gudong village of Dayu town of Lingchuan county to gain the name. As one natural scenic spot, it makes up by prospect district, ecological square, calcification waterfall group, jungle shuttle back and forth, forest preaches, there are fairy waterfall, green pool, strange rattan, red Chinese sweet gum four definitely. Scenic spot have the contact waterfalls which develop only at home at present, gather by well spring underground which is 800 meters long , multistage ones that are up to more than 90 meters in drop .
Because the scenic spot is located in the rock area of carbonic acid, its calcium China can enable growing tall to deposit year by year, the waterfall seen after several years will be another kind of view. So Ministry of Land and Natural Resources karst power laboratory set up monitoring point (the whole country only two office in scenic spot, another in Jiu Zhaigou). The forest vegetation is kept intactly in the scenic spot, the content of negative oxygen ion is extremely high, to the metabolism promoting the human body, improve to take a breath function have magical curative effect, known as vitamin of air lung, let you forget the anxiety of troubling while enjoying the hill and fairy air in the forest.
There are all kinds of views in the scenic spot of ancient east waterfall to amount to 17 places at the most: Butterfly lake, ancient eyes, ecological square , natural Goddess of Mercy, dragon purine pool, forest outdoor bathing place, gallery ,etc. , spring of butterfly and forest of Chinese sweet gum of the east.

>>Drift in Wupai river
Lie in the Ziyuan county of the northwestern part of Guilin, south of the cat's southwest peak, rise in the purple golden mountain which elevation is 1883m, it is the second largest river within the Ziyuan county, after flowing through the Chetian, Laingshui, river mouth three nationality townships, surging in the west, remit Liujiang river, flow into the Zhu Jiang River finally, belong to the river system of the Zhu Jiang River.
The gorge deep and the valley are deep and remote, the beach flows by inches urgently, the high mountain and strange stone, scene beautiful in two sides, strong local conditions and customs, leave the deep impression for the visitor who come to Wupai river.
Take the bamboo raft or the rubber boat and drift about in Wupai rivers, just place oneself in the midst of the deep and secluded valley to explore secrets. Curved many, the mountain is steep, the forest is deep, valley are deep and remote, the noise suddenly making no public appearances among all this world, the river has flowed and brought people into a simple and unsophisticated, primitive natural realm purely world.
The surface wide 5 to 30 meters of Wupai river, nearly 300 meters of drop from head to foot, ones that hove in sight are many, link integrative rapids and shoals nearly, is it explore to drift about, rubber boat down direct to shed to fly to, the white wave emptied is hit in one's face, boat brandish the rubber from head to foot, dashes for ward towards right on the left, dry and comfortable and comfortable all over before entering beaches, become wet promptly after come from the beaches. The tempestuous rivers, are like a runaway fiery steed, play in the deep outstanding role and secluded valley of remote mountains. So long as it is dangerous to defy, indomitable, visitors can tame this s fiery steed unruly finally, become the knight who controls this fiery steed.
Going to Wupai rivers to explore and look for scene, that ancient misty source, that fabulous, enough to let the ordinary person turn into the hero, let cowards become a warrior, furthermore make people enjoy and conquer natural infinite enjoyment.

>>Recreation world full the happy
It is two kilometers distance from the town of Xingan, gather the visiting, Recreation, travel, spending holidays in an organic whole , happily and fully, mighty, cordiality, harmony between man and nature; It is the splendid integration of modern science and technology and supernatural worker mountains and rivers; The magnificence of the scale, the fullness of planning, the facilities is complete, can be rated as the top of South China.
In the dreamlike kingdom of Lemandi, ardent the South Pacific Ocean District, happy Chinatown, fabulous U.S.A. dreamlike world of western district, wonderful magic space-time interlock and full of mysterious pirate village, let you enter into different time and experience magical and changeable excellent enjoyment in the tunnel. Have loyal to primitive forest holiday village, located graceful cliff villa and small log cabin group in accordance with mountain forest level change, the camping platform had unique style, the temperament and interest that the ones that let you enjoy the noble type sleep in the open. In the campaign paradise full of primitive flavors, visitors can enjoy a trip to the recreation facility of the special intention, for instance: Tour lake gaily-painted pleasure-boat of poetic and pictorial splendor, soul-stirring thunderbolt coaster, fabulous earthshaking artificial ski area of the pleasant sensation rapidly of climbing area, enjoying extremely camping step by step ,etc., will bring unexpected pleasant surprise to you.
The golf club liking nature itself, use the view of the chain of mountains and efficacious lake, by international expert person who depend on original mountains and rivers scene, chisel and carve international 18 hole golf course that all in that place like nature itself, The lane design which is changeable and exquisite, will bring to you the enjoyment of the pole of hole strategy and chase waving.

>>Meet dragon river
Call " small Lijiang River " too ,origin from the Guli river of Lingui, flow through gold treasure township, grape town, Yang Shuo town and high field township, flow to the Tianjia river after join with the Jinbao river to the Qinge port finally. This scenic spot suitable for " knapsack guest " ride climbing bicycle or on foot to visit, beautiful scenery on the way paint Like the poem, can with match in excellence or beauty by Lijiang River totally, main beauty spot as follows, the Eight Immortals passes such beauty spots as sea , Wuzhi Mountain, rhinoceros' pool, water strategic point scene ,etc..
The scenery of meeting Long river is very beautiful. The mountain ridge rises and falls, the lake is straggly, spectacular, just like lively and vigorous; The paths crisscross footpaths between fields, the yellow fruit of rice is fragrant, the ancient city of ancient bridge, like the Land of Peach Blossoms. As people travel on foot, this square water and soil will be the best choice, in the spot, safe and contented, the body and mind of all over people that the happy and harmonious breath will overflow.
It is the heaviest tributary within the territory of Yang Shuo of Lijiang River. River is limpid, rivers gentle, farmland farm house, field of two sides, the green cereals of green tree, the grotesque peak encircles. Ride the raft and look, the green wave gathers around and cherish, the easy eyes of green hill, make you feel completely relaxed and happy; Ascend a height and look down, the river like the green silk fabric slips slowly from river valley like color satin, it seems that one that will be moved beautiful . People claim meet dragon river as the " small Lijiang River " . In fact, it does not have a sophisticated appeal even more than Lijiang River!

>>West street
West street lie in the southwest of Yang Shuo town, that is the weat of green lotus peak, the west street gains the name because of its position. The English name of the west street is " West Street ", the stranger calls her " foreigner's street " habitually.
Stroll in the west street, a blue and green slabstone road surface more than 800 meters long but stretch from the east windingly in the west. The building on both sides of the street is in a compact mass, the building is mostly just a few storeys, there are three storeys too, but mostly two floors. West street building height and street proportion of width 1:1 it happened that, and this space yardstick the most pleasant in street and landscape design of city.
The building of the west street was mostly the 30th-4oth of the 20th century, had minority who were the Ming and Qing Dynasties too, little blue and green tile much of architectural style of it, the slope roofing, whitewashing wall , it is dark red wooden shop front , window lattice and casement, etc.
First floor of West street building act as the shop basically, The second floor support host oneself to use as the residence . Making people too plenty for the eye to take it all in the shop along the street, the goods are a feast for the eyes, already there is clothes shop selling wax printing, embroidering, burlap, machine weaving cotton cloth, silk ,etc. here, there is cultural shop selling writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and pape , antique, calligraphy and painting ,etc. at the same time, that coffee house which is imbued with exotic atmospheres that let people favour, indulge in and yearn for most. West street dining table of coffee house light wooden desk all sides mostly generally, tabletop tile the blue and white wax printing cloth. Seats, mostly in order to have bamboo chair of the handrail back. These form and show unique characteristics with the indoor furnishings of the flavor .

>>The scenic spot of Gaotian
It is lies within the boundaries of township of Gaotian . Big banyans, the moon mountains are its representative. This scenic spot is one of scenic spots which develops early, invest more. Its scene is simple and unsophisticated and plain, quiet and easy. The banyan is crossed shadily and anciently, the flowing water is murmuring, the field standing grain is jade green, the smoke from kitchen chimneys curls up, a group of peculiar rural scenery. Main scenic spot are Chuan rock, big banyan, the moon mountain, nine ox mountain range, lie Tiger Mountain, dark rock, horse and elephant strange stone , blue and green strategic port, the Pan village ,etc. more than 20 places to have. The most peculiar one is the moon mountain, there is one natural big round hole in hilltop, the two sides link up, watch and exactly like the bright moon in the sky to hang high far. If with angle to watch, the forms of hole change constantly too. Drive to admire the full moon on the way, you will see the form is turned into half a month, round moon gradually like the winding moon at the first quarter when the beginning of hole, then become moon at the last quarter, this wonder superb craftsmanship, make people thump the table and shout "bravo!".

>>Scenic spot of Meet dragon's river
Including belt view along the river two sides. Meet dragon river origin from Lingui county, mild and indirect to flow through Putao, gold treasure, Bai Sha, Gaotian, pass five villages and towns remit Lijiang River. Total length is 42.5 kilometers. Among them particularly with meet dragon bridge get to Qinge port is the best scenery. Song Qiao, site of Tang City, the tombs of Han Dynasty, added ancient wood are grey, the clear spring is gurgling, make this scenic spot cover with the mystery flavour with antique one storey, give visitor the feeling of the Land of Peach Blossoms. Scenic spot this main beauty spot as follows, Ox's pool, Wuzhi Mountain, Chaoyang stockaded village, Xingui bridge, meet dragon bridge, justice ancient city site of Guiyi, tombs of Han Dynasty, the east faint rock, the Eight Immortals near to pass sea ,etc.

>>The military temple
The military temple of Gongcgheng, also called Guandi Temple, it is the temple which offers sacrifices to Guan Yu of Three country dynasty. Established in the the 31st year of Wanli of Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1603 ). Already have a history of 400 years so far. The whole temple covers an area of 2100 square meters, with a construction area of 1033 square meters. Located in the right of the Yinshan montain of south sides of Confucian temple. The yin mountain divide into two spin , east one the west one, one on the left and one on the right. The left is Confucian temple, right is the military temple, two civil and military temples are integral, bring out the best in each other.
Military temple building are divided into stage, main hall, association Heavenly Palace, the back hall and side hall in a palace or temple of both sides of things. Whole of building layers of eaves have a rest on the mountain, the wing flies and sticks up at corner, the spine mountain ornamental design clay sculpture, the Eight Immortals that the prosperity brought by the dragon and the phoenix is light and shade, personage's birds and flowers, vivid. Top of yellowish green glazed tiles with the Confucian for an organic whole , form splendid light wave ocean under the Yin mountain .

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