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Welcome to Guilin!
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Guilin Transportation

External traffic

Guilin two river International airport lie in Guilin city two river town, Lingui of county, 30 km from urban area, it is a new developing modernized international air harbour of southwest of China. Two river International airports take up an area of 4.06 sq. km, with a construction area of 170,000 square meters, the concrete is paved and built with an area of 650,000 square meters. The grade of movement area is 4D, the runway is 2800 meters long. Designing and flying every year amount is 42,000, annual passenger's throughput is 10 million persons. More than 50 courses can reach our country, foreign a lot of place, get Hong Kong, Macao, Japan Fukuoka, S. Korea Jizhou, Singapore, Seoul, Thailand, Malaysia and other places have a flight too.

Connecting Beijing-Guangzhou Railway in the north, connects with the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of Guizhou Province , a piece of willow artery in the south, the railway of Hunan and Guangxi passes through the corridor of Hunan and Guangxi, can go to the domestic main city directly by train generally. The new train terminal of Guilin, the scale is larger, the hall can hold 15,000 people . It is send from Guilin to every large city nearly 20 pairs of direct trains to connect every day. It is estimated through how right passenger train is up to 30 until the day of 2010, nearly 60 pairs of trucks. One that the railway is via Guilin getting to the Fuzhou (state ) is established actively.

The highway that Guilin extends in all direction leads directly to all parts of Guangxi and close to the province, have 322, 323 national road cross border, have the highway of Autonomous Region Class I Highway of Gui- Huang adjoin Hunan, connect with the expressways of Liuzhou, Nanning , Beihai in the south.
There are three bus stops in Guilin: A bus stop of south bus stop of city of master station of the automobile and the north. Get to province of Guangxi and the long-distance buses of Guangdong, Hunan all parts here.

Water Carriage
The water transport of Guilin is mainly through Xiang River and Lijiang River, it can be to the Zhu Jiang River to pass Wuzhou along Lijiang River, can go to every port directly, for instance Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macao ,etc..

Internal traffic

The public transit of Guilin is two kinds of ordinary buses and free bus.
The buses in Guilin are all more beautiful, admission fee is 1 yuan. The air-conditioned passenger train is No. 99, leaves from the North to south of Guilin, the admission fee is 2 yuan.
Free buses are all with the red big bus of 5 beginning, it is generally relatively early to accept car time, about 7 o'clock in the afternoon; There is Seven Star Park in the main website on the way, the elephant garden, a pile of color and mountain, reed rock on the mountain,etc., but there are more persons who take, personal ones that should notice one's own and the luggages' safe.

There are many taxies in Guilin, the majority is Jetta, Santana, there is a few Citroen zx. Taxi charge divide into daytime and evening two period standard, 2 kilometer start 7 yuan daytime, exceed 2 fewer than 4 is 1.6 / kilometer , exceed 4 kilometer is 2 yuan / kilometer; Start 7.80 yuan in the evening, 2-4 kilometer is 1.80 / kilometer , more than 4 kilometers is 2.40 / kilometer.

Other means of transportation
The urban traffic for tourism of Guilin except bus has taxi, there are bicycles and tricycles too. Bicycle lease piece in every large hotel and main arterial highway, the charge count divide into time and day two kinds; The price of the tricycle should be personally discussed to the carter.

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